When should I make a reservation?

The peak season is in May, June and September. For these months you should try to as far in advance as possible. For the rest of the year 3 months advance should be sufficient. Last minute bookings are also possible but naturally subject to availability of bikes – we will always try to accommodate you if possible.

 Are all of your bikes equipped with luggage space?

Yes, all bikes are fitted with side cases .

 What is the maximum distance covered per day?

We have experienced that on average 250km/day or less in Italy is comfortable. Our routes follow “ the nice roads” and avoid the highways so you will ride anything between 6 and 8 hours per day. The roads in Italy are much slower and twistier than other parts in the world and your average speed over a day will be approximately 40-50km/h.

 Do I need to bring my own helmet, jackets, etc.?

Yes, you need to bring all of your usual riding gear. Helmets in Italy are mandatory.
We do not supply helmets for the following reasons:
   a) we can’t cover every size.
   b) for your own safety and comfort use one that you know fits properly (nothing worse than a tight smelly helmet – nothing more dangerous than a loose one).

Piemonte Bike Tours firmly recommends that you to ride with sturdy motorcycle boots, jackets with armour and gloves. Touring bikes are heavy, even a drop in the car park could prevent you from continuing your ride. You cannot enjoy your ride with a bruised elbow or a swollen ankle or worse.

 How do I go about reserving a place on a tour?

Send an email to info@piemontebiketours.com asking for availability

You should supply the following information: month and day of arrival and number of riders and passenger

You will receive an answer on what is available together with a booking form which you should fill in and send back to Piemonte Bike Tours.

Your tour reservation will be confirmed by email.

 How do I pay for a tour?

Upon booking 30% of the cost of the tour will be required as a deposit. The balance amount must be received at least  60 calendar days prior to the tour commencement date. Payment details will be included on the booking form

 What if I have to cancel?

The booking deposit is not refundable;
a) if you cancel before 60 days: 30% booking deposit may be held in credit for another tour within the following season
b) if you cancel between 60 and 30 days: booking deposit is lost
c) if you cancel less than 30 days: 100% tour cost shall be payable of which 30% may be used at our discretion as credit for the entire next season.

 What is my liability for damages and theft on the rented motorcycle?

Each motorcycle is assigned a minimum damage deposit amount. A maximum liability waiver  for theft and damage may be purchased at additional cost and is subject to approval.
All our motorcycles are insured for damages to third parties as required by Italian law.

 Are there any exceptions when my liability isn’t limited by the damage deposit or  waiver?

yes, there are:
1) if the driver/renter was driving under the influence of drugs (including prescribed drugs) or alcohol
2) if the driver/renter intentionally/willfully damages the motorcycle or is negligent
3) if, in the event of theft, the full set of keys are not returned (i.e. the bike was stolen because the keys were in the ignition or anti theft devices were not used)
4) if there are collisions between two rented bikes. As all bikes are in the same ownership, Insurance will not cover one against one-self. This is particularly important for injury to riders and/or passengers. In such cases the renter shall be held personally liable for any injuries and damages caused to the other rental bike and its rider and/or passenger.

 How is the damage deposit taken?

Piemonte Bike Tours will request a pre-authorisation of the entire amount of the damage deposit on a VISA or Mastercard at the commencement of your tour prior to assigning you a motorcycle. Please make sure you have enough funds to cover this. Don’t count on this sum during your ride as this amount is normally unavailable for your use.
IMPORTANT! make sure that your bank and credit card company know that you are coming to Italy and that the damage deposit will be authorised. This saves a lot of time and expensive overseas calls.
If the damage deposit is not authorised a motorcycle shall not be assigned to you. Piemonte Bike Tours will consider this as a last minute cancellation.

 When will the damage deposit be released?

the damage deposit will be released after the motorcycle is returned in the same conditions as it was when it was assigned. If there are damages, these will be priced by the Harley-Davidson dealership and the balance of the damage deposit will be then released.
IMPORTANT Note: some credit card companies do not allow pre-authorised amounts to be used for the entire month in which they were taken, even if Piemonte Bike Tours releases them.

 What happens if the rented motorcycle has a mechanical fault?

All our motorcycles are regularly serviced and maintained by the official brand dealership. All motorcycles are covered by breakdown assistance. This will provide immediate transportation to the nearest garage, where the fault will be set straight.
If this is not possible then PBT will endeavour to provide a replacement bike, if one is available. In the event a replacement bike is not available, PBT will refund the rental days which weren’t used and offer assistance in getting another means of transportation to let you carry on your tour.

 What happens if I crash the rental bike?

If you crash your assigned bike, the bike will be transported to the nearest garage by the road side assistance, The damage to the bike will be assessed by the local garage which will do the repair, if possible. The bill for the repair will have to be paid by the renter. If the bike cannot be repaired, then your journey is over. No refund will be given on missed rental days and the cost of the transportation of the damaged bike back to PBT base will be added to the repair bill. Furthermore, in this instance, no refunds to missed tour days will be given.

We would like to stress that our motorcycle tours are not races. You are here to tour not to road race. The safety of all participants will be held paramount and the road captain on tour shall have the authority to take a rented motorcycle off the hands of any participant who in his opinion is endangering himself and/or other tour participants.

  What level riding ability do I need to have to take part in your tours?

Italy is a fantastic place to ride, but not a place to learn to ride. We are NOT looking for fast riders (our tours are not a race), we do welcome confident riders. You will need to be able to ride any type of turn with a heavy touring bike, including tight switchbacks/hairpin bends.

 What if I need medical assistance?

Medical Insurance is strongly recommended. Piemonte Bike Tours does not cater for this, you must source this independently.

Motorcycle Tours in Italy

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